Air Louver Air Louver

A beautiful, lightweight, and robust material
Designing a creative exterior space in any direction

Air Louver(エア・ルーバー) カタログ

Integrating an aluminum material and ECOROCA
The ECOROCA Air Louver provides the texture of natural wood.

Air Louver(エア・ルーバー) 施工イメージAir Louver is a hybrid louver material integrating an aluminum material and ECOROCA.
While retaining the texture of natural wood, the new ECOROCA can reduce product weight by approximately 38% (compared with our conventional product), as well as realize robust structure, quick installation, and cost reduction.
Furthermore, using an aluminum core material for the inner part, the product does not inflate or deform, even if rainwater enters the hollow part.

Users can realize bold design, such as by “wrapping the entire building” and “installing multiple units to reach the top floor of the building,” by making use of this lightweight and robust material, ensuring excellent workability and durability.

The product has passed numerous durability tests.
Safety design eliminated the separation of the recycled wood layer and aluminum layer.

Air Louver(エア・ルーバー) 施工イメージThe product has been proved not to generate peeling, cracking, or partial inflation in the recycled wood layer and aluminum layer through testing equivalent to 20 to 30 years of hot water drying, cooling–heating cycle, and hot water resistance tests.
Even when used in a large-scale location at height, it keeps a beautiful appearance for a long period without the risk of peeling and falling of the recycled wood layer.


  • It is 38% lighter than the conventional product.

    The product achieved a weight reduction of 38% compared with our conventional combination of artificial recycled wood and aluminum reinforcement core.
    ※ “Hybrid 93 × 43” compared with “artificial recycled wood 93 × 43 + aluminum reinforcement core 30 × 20 × 2”

  • Beautiful, strong structure

    Securing strength equivalent to that of aluminum while keeping the texture of natural wood

  • Quick installation, cost reduction

    The product does not require installation of reinforcement core material, which was required for the conventional product. The reduction of weight also contributes to shortening the work period.
    Compared with the conventional products, this product makes reduction of the total cost, including costs for foundation work and installation work, possible.

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