Air Bench Air Bench

This is a strong and beautiful bench that harmonizes with the city.

Air Bench

It realizes a strong and beautiful structure,
quick installation, and cost reduction at the same time.

Air Bench(エア・ベンチ) 施工イメージThis bench uses ECOROCA manufactured by using a composite recycled wood and plastic material.
While keeping the texture of natural wood on the seat, it ensures strength equivalent to that of aluminum.
The reduction of weight also contributes to shortening the work period and suppressing the total cost, including foundation work and installation work.


  • Seat color can be selected from four color variations.

    The standard texture is a woody texture finish using special resin.
    The combination of various colors expands color variation.

  • Surface finish Outstanding woody texture

    This product uses ECOROCA, an ecofriendly material made of wood and plastic.
    While keeping an outstanding woody texture, this bench ensures excellent durability and fire resistance.

    Air Bench Surface finish  Outstanding woody texture

  • Easy installation of seat unit and supporting legs

    Quick assembly and easy disassembly/reinstallation!
    エア・ベンチ 施工イメージ

  • Create exterior design as you like.

    Air Louver used for the seat part has excellent machinability, allowing for flexible designs such as straight line, R curve, and single or multiple installation.

    Air Bench(エア・ベンチ) 施工イメージ