Air Amazing FENCE Air Amazing FENCE

Recycled wood fence using recycled resin and wood

アメージングフェンス 施工イメージ

Because of the functionality that supplements the weakness of natural wood,
maintenance labor after long use is reduced.

  1. No corrosion
  2. No discoloration
  3. No peeling
  4. Natural wood texture
  5. Reducing total cost

アメージングフェンス 施工イメージThe surface member used for Air Amazing Fence is a new, environmentally friendly material combining recycled wood and plastic waste materials.
By combining resin and wood, not only is the weakness of natural wood eliminated, but also the natural texture and beauty of wood is achieved.
Using Air Amazing Fence eliminates every weakness of natural wood.


  • Low material cost

    Consisting of only simple parts,
    Air Amazing Fence realizes cost performance that cannot be achieved by other woody fences.

    Horizontal installation 23,500/m
    Vertical installation 39,260/m

    <Comparison with competitors’ products>

  • Texture that improves customer satisfaction level

    Different texture

    While the foamed resin fence is popular for its low price, it cannot avoid the texture of artificial wood being similar to that of plastic. By blending wood meal in resin, Air Amazing Fence expresses a natural texture similar to natural wood. Because its price is lower than that of the foamed resin product, Air Amazing Fence contributes to improving the customer satisfaction level.


    Different thickness

    The thickness of the surface member used for Air Amazing Fence is 20 mm, providing a massive feeling and robustness.


  • Simple work

    With only minimal parts, Air Amazing Fence can be assembled by a simple procedure. Users only need to set up a pillar and fasten with screws.
    This is not a unit construction fence, it’s stick-built and can also be cut on site.